Founded in 1969 by Firmino Martins Gomes, Firmago S.A., produces Aluminum gravity castings in sand or die mould process. Our 42 years of experience and use of modern technologies, allows us to achieve a high quality in our products.


  Our commitment with our clients and partners was since the beginning, a long business relationship, sustained by a continuous improvement, and a close attention to their needs.


  Due to that open approach Firmago has from many years’ clients from several areas of industry – electrical (medium and high tension), petrol, water pumping, automotive, railway, machinery, etc.


  Firmago exports for the most demanding markets, more than 85% of its production, to countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, check Republic, Holland, Belgium, and United States.

The company has started in 1999 a project for a new production unit concluded in 2006 and has today more than 100 employees.

This new unit joins the best available technologies with the quality of the facilities, giving proofs of great vitality and a clear stake on future success to all our partners.