Casting Design - Tools


Firmago has from the start, skilled workers, dedicated to the geometrical construction of casting models. This know how is now enhanced by the use of CAD CAM tools in modeling and prototype production. Accuracy is now allied with experience on casting technology, and assures a smooth development and industrialization of all new projects.

The use of quick-prototyping techniques is also possible to speed up the development of a new product.

Computer pouring simulation, is also possible to be used.





Foundry - Sand casting Production


The sand casting production sectors are distributed by an area of 4800 m2 and employ around 100 workers, including boards and specialized workers. This is the area were the major investments were made. All the production process is controlled and managed through an advanced computing system, spread by the entire layout. This system is now going through a final phase of implementation.





The Melting sector is equipped with 1 gas Tower from Stricko able to melt 750Kg/Hour and hould 2000 tons capacity. crucible gas furnaces and an electric. The curcible furnaces have the following capacity: 150, 300 and 500 Kg. The total melting capacity is 18000 Kg/day.



Core Shop


Equipped with:


  • 1 automatic core shooter (cold box) of 16 L Boxes 630x630x500;
  • 2 Shell core blower machines



Mechanical Moulding


Moulding on green sand supported by a preparation and transportation new automatic sand preparation Plant from SPACE , with a 50-tons/hour capacity.

    • 1 Automatic moulding line HSP2D 60 moulds/Hour  Pattern 790x630x 250/250 from HWS
    • 1 Semi-automatic moulding line HSP2  20 moulds/Hour  Pattern 750x600x 250/250  from Hws




Manual Moulding


Green sand moulding and auto-drying sand in boxes of variable dimensions.



Casting Finishing


Finishing of casted parts in modern sections that allows the delivery of nice parts even in the casting stage or if the Mechanical proprieties are important the heat-treatment of them in CNC woven’s.




With Belt saw on automatic and manual machines.


Grinding and Polishing


In cabinets with central Exhausting system using belt grinding machines and manual polish machines.





With different sizes of Inox steel on two machines from Coniex and Mebusa.





CNC Machining - Painting/Anodiation


AS part of the “all in house” strategy, we have invested in 1999 on an CNC machine shop, and by this, we have improved the response time to our clients, and also free them from this logistical task and responsibility. At the same time we have gain reaction time, and experience that allow us to improve the castings in favor of machining operations.

This CNC machining sector has been growing since then, and now we are equipped with 6 CNC lathes and 3 machining centers that make the finishing of our aluminum castings.






Our machining centers are fully dedicated to our aluminum castings. The maximal dimensions are shown bellow.

Max. parts size for milling (mm):   x - 1740 , y - 760 , z - 660

Max. parts size for   turning (mm): x - 800 ,  z – 870

Firmago has established partnerships with other machining houses to assure the finishing of bigger parts if necessary.














Aluminum castings are used in very demanding fields and more and more have higher requirements.

To assure this, processes have to be well surveillance, and castings have to pass through exigent tests. FIRMAGO has a variety of test equipment to monitor all processes and to evaluate the sanity of the castings. Starting with the incoming inspection of raw materials and ending with testing machined castings for integrity. Our trained and qualified staff is able to issue certificates according to international standards.




For machined castings, precision measuring equipment is required. Besides a large number of hand measuring tools, we have installed a 3D measuring machine, NC controlled and operate in n a fully air-conditioned area.





Our quality is equipped with a spectrometer to determine the chemical composition of each melt and approve it, before pouring. We have also a microscope to analyze the metallurgic structure of the heat-treated metal, and traction test machine to test the mechanical characteristics of test sticks made of the same melt.


All this allow us to make 3.1 B reports that are send together with all our supplied parts, assuring a complete traceability up to the melting stage.



Non-Destructive Tests


We can also perform liquid-penetrating tests according to international standards or customer specification.

Other non-destructive tests like, X-ray, Ultrasonic, are also available on outside Labs, certified by European Standards.










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